A haircut, snow then a trip to Arizona!

And as Mira has begun interacting more with kids, she’s also begun to notice differences amongst the children. Specifically, she’s noticed that one of her friends, Claire, has a very short haircut. So when we asked her how she wanted to get her haircut, her response was, “I want it to look like Claire’s.”

So, I know that you talk about having a first haircut many years ago. But seriously, this is her first significant haircut off all time. And the results were pretty amazing. Here is the before picture.

Haircut before

And then the after picture. Amazing eh?

"The Claire"

We then made a short trip to see our good friends the Walz’s. I’m not sure why but Mira and Elsa have the best times playing together. It’s too bad they live 3+ hours away, or we’d be there much more frequently. One of the highlights of that trip was an amazing cooking session that Mira and Elsa had working with homemade chicken nuggets. Yummmm!

Cookin chicken with Elsa

Back to the frozen tundra of Michigan. We got destroyed by an amazing snow storm. It drifted close to 3 feet in some areas. Luckily we pay someone to plow our road and driveway, so the only thing we have to shovel is literally about 10 feet of concrete directly in front of the garage. Here you can see what happened when we opened the garage door. That’s some serious snow Erika was shoveling!

Uber snow

Erika and Mira had enough of the cold weather and decided to take a short trip to Arizona and visit Mira’s friend Maggie before they moved back to Michigan. Yes, we flew to Arizona so that they could move back to Michigan. Don’t ask for more details, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. The key piece to remember is that the kids had a great time and they also got to celebrate Maggie’s 5th birthday! Here’s a fun picture of Drake, Maggie and Mira.

Happy Birthday Maggie!

The final stop during the trip was a visit to some type of animal preserve. Here’s we have the distance relative to the camel. We call it the Miramel. Notice how it elongates it’s tongue to attempt to each branches and other leafy greens!

Animal park!

And of course I know that most of these pictures were of Mira. Where’s Luna you may ask. Well don’t feel too bad for her. Back in Michigan Luna was actually able to enjoy as much chocolate as she could stomach. No sissy to steal it from her. She lasted for about 40 minutes of an epic sugar/chocolate high before she crashed to the earth for a 2 day slumber. Ah, life as a 1 year old!


4 comments to A haircut, snow then a trip to Arizona!

  • Nicolette DuBuc

    This is an awesome blog you have started! It will be a wonderful gift to share with your children when they get older!! Great idea Mr. Mitchell!

  • Grandma Jones

    Awesome! It’s always so much fun to catch up on your lives with your comments and pictures. Thank you!

  • cheryl ~ Grammy

    I had hoped you would return…thanks!

  • Grandma Mitchell

    I’ve missed this website. Glad to see you started it again.
    Also, I had a great time with the girls this weekend.
    Love you

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