The Rockford Ice Festival

Welcome to the Rockford Ice Festival! This is about as good as it gets in Western Michigan in the dead of winter. Local businesses get together and sponsor an ice sculptor to make, yes you guessed it, Ice Sculptures! Very exciting and Erika’s family made the drive over to spend the day with us. We put the girls in the double stroller, bundled them up and headed to town. Yes, I’d prefer all the sidewalks to be clear of snow. However, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

Welcome to the Ice Festival!

We actually left baby Deacon in the car with Grammy Cheryl. That way the Keefes could actually head into town and check things out without a little, tiny baby.

The Keefes minus Deacon

Mark and Erika were looking fabulous as usual. It was a bright and sunny day despite the cold and they were enjoying each others company.

Mark and Erika

Here we have one of the much better ice sculptures, a camera perched atop the dam in rockford. Behind Erika is the Rogue River above the dame. Beautiful all around!


The four of us got together briefly to snap a quick shot before we froze our buns off!

The Family

We all posed for different variations with the this snowman sculpture, of course Mark would have the best shot. He’s a handsome cat, what can I say?

The Happy Snowman

We spent a good amount of time inside Aunt Candy’s Toy Company. We found it to be warm and fun. The girls never got tired of the shenanigans we could get into.

Amazingly enough, baby Deacon slept for the entire trip. Which means that he was comfortable and warm the entire day. We may or may not have frozen out buns off. But it was still a nice time and good chance to get out and see some of Rockford’s winter fun!

Up next, Erika and Mira visit Keeley in Arizona!

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