Mira Mitchell: amateur photographer!

Mira had been begging Erika for a new camera before Christmas. Erika found a really neat little pink camera at a local store. We broke out the camera and handed it over once we returned home. Mira had literally taken several hundred pictures in less than 48 hours after getting the camera. No joke. She would sit in front of the TV and just take pictures of a show. I probably deleted maybe 100 pictures of a Franklin episode she was watching. And of course every picture was taken with a, “Oh that’s a good shot!” comment. Classic.

So, for your viewing pleasure. I have whittled the 300+ photos down to about a dozen for Mira’s first photo gallery. These were taken at the ripe age of 4, no flash around our home. I didn’t stage anything, they are great!

Photo one: Mira’s new Jack Skellington backpack. Santa brought it and made her so happy!

Jack the pumpkin king

Photo 2: As a big sister, Mira spends a ton of time getting chased by Luna all over the house.

Luna Buna

Photo 3: Can you feel that? It’s an earthquake!!!!!


Photo 4: Post Christmas, stockings still up!

Fill em up!

Photo 5: The tree/ornament from the view down below!

Sign on the tree

Photo 6: Most children nap during nap time. Mira likes to take pictures of her feet.

Foot whilst napping!

Photo 7: Ok, she likes to take pictures of herself during nap time too!

I'm so beautiful!

Photo 8: If it looks like I’m always looking down at her, it’s probably because I am.

What's up?

Photo 9: Luna how big are you?

So big!

Photo 10: Mom has a facebook problem…

I luv facebook!

Photo 11: Meme the cat, no idea what that cat is doing here.


Photo 12: Luna received a penguin that drinks from a bottle for Christmas, here is that penguin.

Got fish?

Great stuff, I’ll have to update again in another month or so with Mira’s photo gallery part 2!

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