Sleeping Beauty

Erika had been planning for months this children’s production of Sleeping Beauty. So one fine March afternoon, she got Mira all dressed up in an amazing outfit. Mira was nice enough to come outside with me and snap a few pictures of her in all her glory. Good stuff.

Ready for the play

By the time I’d snapped this one, she become less amused with the who process of going outside and smiling a million times. Love it!

Let's do this!

Off to the play. I am told that Mira had just a wonderful time and the play was super awesome daddy! Erika had Mira pose for a picture with the Prince and the Princess.

The Prince and Princess

Back at home, Pops had stopped by. He and Luna decided to have a little party of sorts on the small portion of concrete we had in front of the rental unit. That Luna just loves Pops!

Back at the ranch...

And then back at the play Mira really wanted to take a picture with the queen. “You know daddy, that’s the good queen. She’s not bad, she Princess Aurora’s mom”

This is the good queen.

Luna could have cared less about Sleeping Beauty. She was loaded in the wagon ready to go for a ride!

How about a wagon ride?

Of course, as much as you can get the girl dressed up for  a ball. If you live on a dirt road, off a dirt road, eventually all roads lead back to playing in the dirt.

Can I play in my dress?

Luna was looking regal as ever and was more than happy to share the dirt with Mira when she returned.

The new sheriff!

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