It’s all about Luna

Erika notices that much of the blog lately has surrounded the adventures of our amazing 5 year old Mira. What about Luna? My answer is pretty simple, life as a 5 year old is normally much easier to describe and tell stories about. But she’s right. So, today’s update is all about Luna.

If the child of which this post shall not reference is sometimes called the screaming monkey. Then Luna will always be known as the perfect baby. She’s always happy, always having fun, she eats great, she plays with other kids and everyone just loves her.

She’s a running machine these days and her hair has grown so much that we now have to put a pony in all the time. Otherwise she get a bit ornery and has to keep moving the hair out of her eyes. Here’s a double pony for you!

Hello there!

I know everyone thinks their their child is the sweetest thing when they are sleeping. However, that’s just simply not true. Luna is the sweetest thing when she’s sleeping. I submit the following picture for the record. You may think, awww how sweet is this? You’re lucky you got such a nice shot. Not true, we just call this picture Wednesday.


Yes, she has a little blanket that she uses for every nap. Yes, we’ve got 4 of them and she can’t really tell the difference. But I can tell you that she only holds the corners in her hands and most of the time she will put the corner in either her nose or ear while she soothes herself to sleep.

So sweet!

You are probably thinking that I’m just going through the photos and pulling up all the cool ones of Luna and sticking them in here. Not true again. I put the blog together by selecting a few photos from a 1-2 week period that make a good story. However, all these photos were taken in the same week. She really is this sweet. And by the way, we call the above picture Thursday!

You can probably guess what the next picture is. I’ll call it Friday, but honestly it could be anyday. And yes, Luna loves here binkie. Sometimes we call it the Binkin. Either way she’s normally always got it close by while she’s awake. Gotta love her!

Love the binkie!

Here’s a picture of Luna’s sister. She was laying in Luna’s crib one day playing with her. At this point she just laid back and looked at her sister. We always ask her, “What’s your one job?” Her answer, “Protect my sister.” She just adores Luna.

Where's Luna?

And yes sisters will play and have fun. Luna and her sister love to play and horse around. I think Erika put them both in the crib to see what would happen here. These two are great!


The other thing you should know about Luna is that she loves, and I mean just loves, suckers. She would eat them all day if you let her. Probably her favorite thing to do aside from torturing her sister. I’m calling this last photo Monday, so that you don’t always have to think of Mondays in a negative way. Enjoy…


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  • Cheryl ..Grammy

    Luna, Luna….I just love how she likes to crawl all over Mira saying “My Sissy, my Sissy”. Her dancing still amazes me…remember I am Grammy to amazing grandchildren!

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